Where to Buy Gynostemma Pentaphyllum?

The wonder herb “Gynostemma Pentaphyllum” also known as “Jiaogulan” is definitely a highly sought-after medicinal herb around the world due to its myriads of healthful benefits as a food supplement. In fact, it is known in China as “Xiancao” or “Herb of Immortality.” A rundown of its benefits includes the following:

  • improves physiological balance
  • negates high blood pressures
  • prevents strokes and other cardiovascular ailments
  • lowers excessive cholesterol levels
  • acts as antioxidant
  • treats depressions and anxiety
  • treats bronchitis, apnea, ulcers, poor appetite, constipation, and stomach pain.
  • treats inflammation, gallstones, cancer, obesity, backache, cancer, and diabetes
  • produces adaptogenic benefits to the human body

Where to Buy Gynostemma Capsules and Teas?

As a vine, gynostemma pentaphyllum grows naturally in China, southern Korea, northern Vietnam, and Japan. It can grow in USDA zone 8 as a perennial herb and thrives most in temperate climates. Hence, if you want to obtain samplings of this herb for personal cultivation, you would need to visit one of the abovementioned countries where it naturally grows. However, if you only want a continuous supply of gynostemma tea, you can easily order it online.

Some websites, for example, offer 100 grams of gynostemma for the meager price of $25. A hundred grams is good enough for a hundred servings, and you would simply consume 1 gm or 1 tsp of gynostemma for each serving. The cost per serving is then around $0.12-$0.25, depending on the number of times you would brew it.

Gynostemma Tea Online

Some online websites that sell herbal medicines also sell bottles of gynostemma capsules. On Amazon.com, for example, you will find gynostemma capsules for sale for as low as $21.84. Each bottle contains 100 capsules which would surely be good enough for your monthlong need of this herb.  At this price, each capsule would be roughly $0.22. You can also get some discounts on Amazon.com if you subscribe to 5 of Amazon products. On Amazon.com likewise, you will find gynostemma tea worth $13.98. This product comes with 100 pcs of 2g green tea bags of dried gynostemma.

On eBay, you would also find various gynostemma products like a product from Hongkong for a measly price of $1.89. You would also find another gynostemma tea product on eBay which is worth $55.98. But before you zero in on a particular gynostemma product on eBay, always make sure that you first check the feedback of the seller to ensure that you would not be hoodwinked into buying a fraudulent product.

There are also many other herbal tea medicine websites that sell Jiaogulan products aside from eBay and Amazon.com. You can easily google these websites to learn more about their gynostemma products and to know if they are shipping their products internationally.

Lastly, Gynnostemma Pentaphyllum is relatively new to the awareness of many Americans. But if you live in America and you really want to try this herb, you will surely find some herbal medicine outlets in Canada and the United States that carry Gynostemma products.

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