The Benefits of Jiaogulan tea from Thailand

The Benefits of Jiaogulan tea from ThailandThe Thai government has various agricultural projects to enliven its local farming industry, and one of these projects was spearheaded by the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej who was an avid supporter of organic farming. Prior to the King’s initiative, some of the high lands of Thailand had been used by illegal drug syndicates for planting opium; and farmers there likewise were tempted to plant opium because of the huge profits that they could get out of it. To put an end to these illegal activities, the King instead encouraged the local farmers to plant alternative crops that would also provide the farmers with good income.

Farmers in Chiang Mai, a province in northern Thailand, heeded the call of the King and started replacing opium with various crops, and one of these crops was Jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentapahyllum). Since Chiang Mai enjoys a cool temperate climate, it would surely be an ideal place to plant Jiaogulan, and Jiaogulan would surely be highly adaptable to its climate as a climbing vine that grows wildly in the temperate mountainous area.

Thailand’s Jiaogulan is without Chemical Fertilizer  

The Royal Project of King Bhumibol specifically indicated that the planting of alternative plants should not make use of chemical fertilizers; hence, the Jiaogulan of Thailand are grown organically. Thai growers simply need to enrich the soil with compost or humus to make the soil fertile for the Gynostemma plant.

The Royal Project likewise encouraged crop rotation, and for this reason, Thai farmers usually rotate crops like peanuts, beans, and peas to let the soil breath and enrich itself. Gynostemma is also a non-insect sensitive plant; hence, farmers do not necessarily need to use pesticide to keep the plant free of pests. They simply need a trellis to enable its vines to freely crawl and climb. Moreover, the Thai FDA always makes sure that the products from the farms are safe, free of chemicals, and of high standard by regularly inspecting and providing licenses to farmers who are included in the Royal Program.

Why is Thai Jiaogulan Different?   

Jiaogulan is a food that is very much rich in medicinal value, and it is one of the most sought-after herbal supplements on the market today. Jiaogulan products that are available on the market today usually come from China, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, and Thailand. However, many consumers of Jiaogulan prefer Jiaogulan products from Thailand, and here are their reasons:

  • Jiaogulan from Thailand did not undergo the use of chemical fertilizers.
  • Moreover, Thai Jiaogulan is tastier and more luscious than those Jiaogulan from other sources.
  • Thai Jiaogulan has undergone strict licensing and meticulous cultivating process.
  • Thai Jiaogulan is grown organically.
  • Lastly, the Ministry of Health of Thailand encourages the improvement of Jiaogulan crops by rewarding farmers who produce the best Jiaogulan crops in Thailand.

The popularity of Jiaogulan as a health supplement is definitely growing throughout the world, and the regular consumers of Jiaogulan would surely seek the best Jiaogulan products for their daily consumptions. No doubt, they would surely zero in on Thai Jiaogulan as the best source of Jiaogulan products for their regular consumptions.


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