Immortality Herb Benefits And Side Effects

Jiaogulan is popularly known as the immortality herb. It is essentially a climbing vine of the gourd/cucumber family. It is believed that it contributes to a life that is disease-free and long due to its potent anti-ageing properties. It is also has a wide range of health benefits that is unparalleled to date in the world of science.

                       Immortality herb benefits and side effects
This scientific wonder of a herb has many health benefits as well as a few side effects.

                       Jiaogulan Benefits 
This herb has several health benefits, the notable ones include the following:non-toxi

Nontoxic – It is an effective adaptogen, this means it causes minimal mental and physical side effects.

Promotes resistance to stress – It boosts the body’s ability to resist against a number of stressors. This is inclusive of chemical, physical and biological agents of stress.

Cardiovascular health – The herb promotes the good health of the cardiovascular system. It does this by preventing arterial damage as many diseases grouped under heart diseases are associated with atherosclerosis. Similarly, it inhibits the buildup of plaque by reducing the levels of triglyceride and bad cholesterol. Lastly, it prevents blood clots and platelet stickiness gynostemma_pentaphyllum_vine

Cancer – It functions on different levels in the prevention and healing of cancer. It boosts the defense system of the body. This is because a robust immune system prevents tumor formation. It reduces DNA mutations that can result in tumors by eliminating free radicals in the human body. Furthermore, it has chemical constituents that have direct action against cancer. These components include polysaccharides, flavonoids and saponins. Studies indicate that the herb decreases the size of tumors, restricts tumor growth and their spread.

Increases longevity and delays aging – This means that the herb makes its use both feel as well as look good. It is an approach that is quite holistic compared to the modern ways such as Botox, surgery and even anti-aging creams. The herb makes the skin appear young and beautiful.

Diabetes mellitus – It is effective in the prevention and even healing of diabetes mellitus. Many patients have positive testimonials and can attest to the herb’s ability.

Immune system – It has been proved to make the function of the immune system stronger and more effective.

Nervous system – It is also strengthens and protects the nervous system i.e. both the peripheral and the central nervous systems.

                          Side effects
The immortality herb has a few side effects as follows:
• Severe nausea
• Increased bowel movements

The above insightful information about immortality herb benefits and side effects clearly explains facts about the potent herb.

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