Gynostemma: 10 Things I Wish I’d Known Earlier

Gynostemma is a natural herb which came to light a decade ago. It has an unbelievable number of health benefits and advantages. Once you find out about the uses of this herb, you would want to have it daily and also make your family consume the same.

gynostemma_blog-1Things which will make you feel “I wish I had known about Gynostemma earlier” –

  1. Anti-tumor properties – Gynostemma is supposed to be good for treating cancer, especially colon, lung and liver cancer. It has high potential in providing protection from cancer. It also can be used as a component in Chemotherapy. The polysaccharide extracts of Gynostemma are supplementary agents in the treatment of cancer.
  2. Good for body immunity – Gynostemma has a number of polysaccharides which is a primary ingredient of the plant that helps in modulating immunity in your body. Gynostemma can boost the low activity of your immune system or boost down the over activity of your immune system, depending on the individual’s body requirement. If you continue to consume this herb for a long period of time, then you can successfully reap its immunity modulating advantages.
  3. Substitute to sugar – Gynostemma is becoming popular as a substitute to sugar. It has a natural sweet taste due to its saponin content.
  4. Anti-inflammatory Agent – It has excellent antioxidant effects which protect the body from inflammation and other form of damage.
  5. Excellent Antioxidant – As per studies that have been conducted, Gynostemma has neuroprotective effects and prevents oxidative stress. It helps in preventing the important cells, reducing the eradication of SuperOxide and Glutathione which are the most important antioxidants.
  6. Gives you an active body – Gynostemma tea stimulates the body and makes it energetic. It is a non-caffeine drink which activates your biological processes. It helps in maintaining mental concentration and thereby one can be mentally active and can work for longer hours without feeling fatigue.
  7. Neuroprotective effects – When consumed, it calms down the nervous system without any sedative effect to the body. They function appropriately to everybody.
  8. Good Taste – Gynostemma has a natural sweet taste and due to that the tea also has a wonderful flavor. One doesn’t need to add any extra sugar in the tea.
  9. Helps in weight loss – It increases fat metabolism in the body and helps in instant reduction of excess fat from the body. In Asia, it is widely used for weight reduction.
  10. Prevents Diabetes – It improves insulin activity in the body and gives healthy sugar to the body. It specially helps in curing type-2 diabetes by secreting insulin in the body.

If I had known about the benefits of Gynostemma earlier, I would have been much healthier and would have developed high immunity in my body against any problem. Nevertheless, it is still not very late. A regular consumption of Gynostemma in the form of tea or capsules is extremely helpful for the body. It is one such remedy which takes care of many health issues in your body and helps you stay fit and energetic.

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